Day 1: No Turning Back Now

Greetings from Toronto International Airport! I am one of the lucky souls spending the evening at the airport (in a Starbucks booth to be precise) before catching an early morning flight to Vancouver. Taking a whirlwind trip through Canada is just one of the many added bonuses of my steal of a one-way ticket to Hong Kong.

However, although it might take just over 35 hours to get from my home in Georgia to my hostel in Hong Kong, I am glad my trip is starting off this way. Mostly because I need about 35 hours to mentally accept the fact that I am indeed embarking on this journey around the world for the next 77 days. Yes, that’s right: Around the World in 77 Days.*

Despite having planned this journey for months, it still seemed like much more of an abstract dream than reality. It is inspired by a classic work of fiction after all. Even in the final hours of pulling my blog together, stuffing my backpack, and scanning guide books on the drive to Orlando for my evening flight, it still hadn’t quite hit me that my trip was indeed happening.

But here I am, typing away at two in the morning in Toronto, surrounded by hardy travelers scattered on an array of airport lobby furniture in various states of sleep (and intriguing yoga positions.) This trip is definitely happening, and there is no turning back now. Hong Kong, here I come!**

9 June 2015
*Why not 80, you ask? Well, the whole idea is to do it in less than 80 isn’t it? That and plane tickets seem be vastly more affordable on Tuesdays, so rounding off to an exact 11 weeks was ideal.
**In only 27 more hours.