Day 2: Oh Canada!

Good afternoon from Vancouver International Airport! After getting approximately no sleep in Toronto, I hopped on my cross-country flight to make it to Vancouver. Now I am just minutes from finally boarding a Hong Kong-bound plane.

Although quite honestly, I wish I had extended my stay in Vancouver for a few days. Growing up, my family used to take road trips throughout North America, so I have actually been to a handful of Canadian provinces. But Vancouver never made it onto our British Colombia itinerary. And if the view outside my window is any indication, it is definitely a city worth exploring.

I also just really love Canada. It is a natural beauty of a country, and while it may be a stereotype, I do find Canadians to be really lovely people. On my flight from Toronto, I carried on an excellent conversation with a former logger* turned restaurant-owner returning from a vacation in Costa Rica. We shared travel stories,** and I now have an open invitation to grab lunch whenever I visit Vancouver. An intensely knowledgeable miner sitting in front of me also joined in our conversation and listed several key points of interest in the area. So there we go, my next trip is all sorted! When I find myself back in California for graduate school, I will have to spend a long weekend in Vancouver.

I also now have an intense desire to drop everything and go to Costa Rica. Which is so hopelessly, typically me: I am on the cusp of beginning an adventurous journey, and I am already dreaming of visiting elsewhere. Wanderlust is not a feeling ladies and gents, it’s an affliction. 
Anyway, my apologies Vancouver, but I will have to pay you a longer visit next time. Now to hop onto my trans-Pacific flight and really get trip started.

10 June 2015

*Yes, I spoke to a genuine Canadian lumberjack. This probably thrilled me more than it should have.
**We discussed overcoming language barriers, and my seat-mate noted that as long as you know a few key phrases to be polite, everything works out fine. Meanwhile, my standard list includes learning how to order a beer, ask for a cheaper price, and yell “Stop, thief!” I also manage to only ever remember a few swear words. Again, pardon the stereotype, but Canadians are really lovely people. Even though I was briefly tempted to buy a Canadian flag patch for my bag, I clearly could not pull it off…